CETEX Petrochemicals Limited Chennai

Energy Conservation

Energy management focuses on the Continuous reduction in Energy inputs for a given unit of product output. We have an efficient and reliable low-carbon energy system by an innovative integration of thermal, fuel and electricity vectors. We have the target to meet the total power requirement by internal generation from biomass and the balance from renewable Solar & Wind power.

Some of the major highlights include the selection of process that demands the least specific energy,an efficient cogeneration captive power plant meeting both thermal and electrical energy requirements, constant increase in the use of renewable energy, flare gas recovery system, spent acid reconcenteration unit,effective heat integration of the process with the aim of using the least possible steam and cooling water for supplementary heat transfer, vent gas recovery system for capturing the escaping vapors during product filling and others.We believe that sustainable growth means reducing the energy consumption and emissions within our operations with high-performing innovative solutions for a low carbon economy for the benefit of customers and society.