CETEX Petrochemicals Limited Chennai


CETEX is dependent on resources like hydrocarbon feed stock derived from crude oil and water for our business activities. These activities, by their very nature, have an unavoidable impact on the environment; and we remain committed to minimising these impacts. The environmental response at CETEX has been central to the technology decisions we have made from time to time.Our operations, processes and products are designed to minimize our environmental impact and safeguard the mother earth.This commitment to environmental sustainability is an ethical obligation for CETEX and reflected in our responsible approach to managing vital resources such as water, energy and our commitment to run our operations with minimal waste.

We recognize and understand the environmental footprint associated with our activities and responsibly manage these in a prudent and legally compliant way. Our actions aim to ensure that safety, health and environment (SHE) is a top priority. CETEX continues to mitigate the risks related to air quality, water consumption, waste footprint, land use, and the impact on biodiversity through the ongoing investigation of alternative feedstocks, optimised processes, improved efficiency and focused abatement technology retrofits.This includes monitoring air quality through an extensive monitoring network as well as assessments of the impacts on the environment.CETEX has been planning and implementing several environmental conservation measures in a systematic way ever since its inception..

The major highlights include use of cleaner technology for the manufacturing process,cogenearation Captive power plant using biomass fuel,constant  increase in the use of renewable energy,Zero liquid discharge Effluent treatment plant, sewage treatment plant that treats the domestic waste water and the treated water is used for gardening,a state of the art water pre-treatment unit that helps in increasing the output in DM units, an electrostatic precipitator to reduce the particulate matter in the flue gas from the biomass boilers, Flare gas recovery system,effective management of solid wastes,continuous operation of pollution control facilities and creation of environmental awareness amongst all employees.

Environment day is celebrated with great enthusiasm with a lot of innovative and thought provoking themes. For us “every day is environment day”.Planting of trees and shrubs form a green belt around CETEX. This mitigates fugitive emission, dilutes accidental releases and balances eco-environment-besides beautifying the surroundings.We have set targets to reduce the hazardous waste intensity, air pollutant emission intensity. We have set ambitious targets to reduce the water intake excluding the cooling water pass in doing our part in line with the UN’s SD goals.