CETEX Petrochemicals Limited Chennai


CETEX lays great emphasis on promoting initiatives related to health and a work-life balance. A healthy employee is more productive and can contribute towards organisational development along with personal benefits.

Our stringent Health policy aims at maintaining a safe and healthy work place through risk management by  the identification of potential hazards, assessment of levels of physical hazards, control of hazards and creating an awareness among all concerned.


  • Health evaluation of employees.
  • Pre-employment /pre-placement examination to ensure that workers are placed on jobs according to their physical capacities, mental abilities and emotional makeup;
  • Periodic health examination- for monitoring employee health in relation to specific health hazards, and determining the risk of development of subsequent disease.
  • A well equipped Occupational Health Centre.
  • Periodic health examination for contract workers.
  • Covering the employees under health insurance policy.
  • Ambient air quality, noise levels and specific area light intensity are monitored regularly.

During COVID-19 vaccination was given to all the employees, workers, contractors and others. A dedicated insurance policy for the employees covering COVID-19 alone.

 The plant is upgraded on a continuous basis to reach our target of zero harm.