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Lab Services

Lab services

Cetex Lab Services, established in 2003, provides reliable testing services   for efficient quality management in industries. 

Our strengths include: 

  • Automated state of the art lab equipment
  • Core team comprising experienced engineers,  chemists, SMEs from diverse industry  segments.  
  • Customized solutions 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Priority processing of samples

Quality of our products are well accepted by all the  leading national Research Laboratories and Industries.

What We Do

What We Do


Yes, we have in-house testing facilities to ensure our speciality chemical products are manufactured safely with the help of modern technology and sustainable chemistry, we have built an effective testing hierarchy before recommending the products to our clients.

If you are able to align our goals with your passionate approach of being the supplier/distributor of our products, then, fill the form on our website. After receiving your request, we will connect with you to share the details of the role & responsibilities. You can also call on our direct number to discuss the terms of supplying/distributorship of our chemicals products.

Yes, of course! Our international network  of representatives and partners allows ours customers to buy our products irrespective of the location.

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