CETEX Petrochemicals Limited Chennai


 Safety is a top priority at CETEX: We were striving for Zero accidents initially, later moved towards Zero incidents and now are striving for zero harm. Our approach centres on understanding our risk landscape and managing our activities in a way that eliminates incidents, minimises risk and promotes excellence in the performance of our operations.

Our safety approach is built on a strong foundation of leadership and competency, and is strengthened by clear policies and procedures relating to safety risk management, leading practice performance standards, incident investigation and behavioural science. At an organisational level, we drive our safety initiatives through a management framework that supports our goal of achieving zero harm and sustainability through a risk-based, standardised and systematic approach. The senior management across the operations provide visible commitment and lead this effort.

Safety Management has been an integral part of CETEX’s daily business.

This is being practiced in CETEX with a strong commitment from top management to personnel at all levels by combining QSHE standards with performance standards & imparting continuous training on Safety issues in all possible ways for Employees, Contract workmen, Business partners, Security Personnel and stakeholders.

Internal Safety Audits, External Safety Audits, Comprehensive Risk Analyses and HAZOP study are conducted on a periodic basis.The manufacturing site is equipped with a state of the art fire protection systems.

Automatic gas detection and alarm systems are installed in strategic locations for quick detection of hydrocarbon leaks and emergency mitigation.

Regular mock drills are conducted to check effectiveness of our emergency preparedness. CETEX has entered into Mutual Aid Agreement with a neighboring industry.